8 Common Digital Marketing Practices for eCommerce Website

    eCommerce just uplifted its status from being a marketing tool to an individual business methodology. Gone are the days where we have to go to our favourite shops to purchase everything. Those shops are now functioning online and we can do a hassle-free shopping in minutes.

    Now, you have your own eCom store and there is a digital marketing team working hard behind it. But are they avoiding these common mistakes at any cost? Take a ride with us to explore them and how to fix them instantly.


    1) Avoid titles that are Not Unique

    Non unique titles in website can affect your search ranking results by duplication.


    2) Avoid Duplicate Content in all pages.

    The main factor that websites got spammed by search engines on search results is the occurrence of duplicate content.


    3) Avoiding the blog and content driven internal linking.

    Maintain and include Product featured posts, buyer guide posts and connecting to those posts from product pages and category pages.


    4) Avoid Poor URL Structure

    When we build a eCommerce website a default URL is created for every product page which has a unique identical ids and numbers which should be converted to keyword based URL structure.


    5) Add ALT Tags to all Images

    Search engines have no option of viewing images unless we provide appropriate information that tells what the image is all about and that should be incorporated into the image ALT tags.


    6) Lack of Reviews for each Product.

    As a B2C setup, most eCommerce websites are structure with its own product review and grading system, which can help to boost your digital marketing services to bring more visitors.


    7) Avoid increasing page load time.

    Product pages and product images in eCommerce website will take too long to load. So, we must reduce the page load time which helps in seo optimization.


    8) Use of schema markup.

    For product reviews and ratings, Events & products, Local businesses, Articles Use Schema.org – a collection of HTML tags that Google has adopted to improve the display of their Search engine ranking page.

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