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    How to Build a Free Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Lead Generation

    All signs point to chatbots as a win for marketing and customer service. Stats say that consumers like using chatbots: 95 percent of consumers think chatbots benefit customer service. 57 percent of consumers like the instant service of chatbots. 47 percent of consumers would buy something using a chatbot. That’s why 80 percent of businesses plan to have a chatbot […]


    Google launches Indexing API for job posting URLs

    Check out the new Google Indexing API. Will the uses for this API eventually be expanded or will it always be reserved for job search only? Google has launched a new API aimed at making the Google job search features more real-time and up-to-date. The new API, named the Indexing API, can currently only be used to crawl job posting pages […]


    Google-Friendly Directory Submission Sites

    Building effective links has become a struggle in the last few years, as Google continues to crack down on manipulative link practices, including web directories. Does this mean web directories are never a good idea? No, but there are a lot of precautions that need to be taken. For example, never list on any low-quality […]


    Google has confirmed it is removing Toolbar PageRank

    It’s official: Google has decided to kill off Toolbar PageRank from its browser. Google has confirmed with Search Engine Land that it is removing Toolbar PageRank. That means that if you are using a tool or a browser that shows you PageRank data from Google, within the next couple weeks it will begin not to […]