How digital marketing promotes a movie? (Recent sensation – Kabali)

    How digital marketing promotes a movie? (Recent sensation - Kabali)

    When it comes to the promotion of movies, Digital Marketing is the most efficient tool. However, top players suggest just by using Social media, Websites and landing pages, you can create a sensation for your movie. Remember, nowadays people are booking tickets online and no one is ready to wait in long queues for the show.

    Right from releasing the first look on facebook, a teaser on YouTube, the movie gets its audience and remember, this is even before its mainstream release. Only after witnessing the power of YouTube, the producers and promoters decided to go for official release of jukebox tracks of the movies on the video platform. The recent sensation in Movie Digital Marketing is ‘Kabali’. Even though a big star like Rajinikanth does not need a promotion, in this digital era, staying update is necessary.

    Produced by V Creations’ Kalaippuli S Thanu and written and directed by Pa Ranjith, the drama co-stars Radhika Apte, Kalaiarasan, Winston Chao, Dinesh Ravi, Riythvika and John Vijay and is set mostly in Malaysia. Rajinikanth’s character reportedly runs a school for children affected by gang wars.

    Neruppu Da

    How one can employ Digital marketing for movies?

    Over the past few weeks, I had a number of conversations with people involved in film marketing about using Digital marketing to promote movies virally. There are a few things unique about marketing films. Timing is incredibly important – you must build up as much hype in the short space of time leading up to and around the launch as possible. You must involve in a powerful content marketing strategy for an upcoming film.  Social apps are extremely powerful at driving engagement and traffic, as they can be hooked directly to get users sharing and inviting their friends to the film’s page.

    Use different social platforms to make up a multi-channel strategy. I would recommend Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kabalipage/ , Twitter https://twitter.com/KabaliMovie , Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHaGDT6Pdbk . Make sure that you share content across all platforms and give them equal attention, as your fans will always have their own preference. Video ads are an incredibly effective tool for drumming up interest and seeding your trailer online. They are relatively inexpensive, and you are not charged if the viewer clicks ‘skip’ within the first five seconds. Of course, the more interesting you can make it for the viewer the better.

    Make your Facebook Page Interactive

    First, when it comes to designing your Facebook Page, make it visually compelling. So many Movie Facebook Pages do not make use of the huge amount of space that Facebook offer to brand your page and drive engagement. I am a big fan of using the cover image in creative ways to attract attention to the app section of a page. Get creative with your design, but keep everything above the fold bold and in line with the film branding. When done well, it looks incredible.

    Finally, when it comes to posting timeline updates, keep it visual, balanced, and engaging. Photos and videos typically generate the most engagement on Facebook, so be sure to incorporate this into your strategy, while balancing the type of content you post. In terms of frequency, I usually find that two posts per day works well on Facebook. If you are struggling for time to keep posting updates, you can use a scheduling tool like Buffer or Hoot suite to manage this.

    Harness the power of Memes

    Memes are becoming a great way of leveraging your audience’s creativity to build highly shareable content that subtly promotes your movie. The benefit of using memes is they are easily customizable, extremely shareable, and very quick to produce.

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    Experiment with other platforms

    While Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter will almost certainly be at the centre of your social media strategy, that does not mean you should avoid the smaller platforms, such as Vine, Instagram, or Pinterest.

    Marketing films is not an easy task. If you want to stand out from the crowd, do something remarkable, be ambitious with your marketing goals and do not believe the myth that you need a large budget to achieve great results. Money helps, but creativity is the real currency in marketing.

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