How I Grew My Traffic by Almost 50% in Just 30 Days Using Twitter

    One of the great joys of working with my marketing clients has been helping them grow their Twitter followers and implement consistent tweet schedules.

    Meanwhile, my own account has collected dust with a lame, month-old tweet sitting at the top.

    Until recently.

    I first joined Twitter over seven years ago, back in 2009, and I’ve been grateful to learn so many best practices, strategies, and tactics from the community. The only problem was I didn’t apply any of this Twitter strategy to my own Twitter activity. All this changed a few months back when I decided it was time to give Twitter a real, honest-to-goodness shot. If I saw results, great. If not, I could ditch the platform once and for all and never deal with tweet anxiety again.

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    Enter Buffer.

    And enter great results!

    I’m happy to share with you the exact process I tried and the wonderful results I saw, applying a Twitter strategy to my personal profile. Hopefully, you’ll see similar gains by putting this simple strategy into practice for yourself and your clients!

    Sneak Peek: My Traffic Grew Nearly 50%! (Much of it From Twitter)

    After 30 days of experimenting (complete details below), I found these results waiting for me in Google Analytics:

    How I Grew My Traffic by Almost 50% in One Month Using Twitter | SEJ

    This all came about with an increased activity on Twitter, sharing my content more, and delivering value to my audience. Here is the exact experiment and blueprint that I used.

    The Experiment: Sharing My Blog Posts More Than Once

    From the time I launched my marketing consulting service 18 months ago, Buffer has been my go-to tool for managing my clients’ social media accounts. I’ve preached its virtues repeatedly on my blog, explaining how to use it to create a streamlined, easy-to-manage social strategy and naming it among my top tools for business owners.

    So I hatched a plan to follow my own advice.

    I planned to use Buffer to pre-schedule a month’s worth of tweets promoting my blog.

    Here’s the method I adopted

    1. Take 20 blog posts I’d written
    2. For each blog post, write three unique tweets (60 tweets total)
    3. Add these tweets to Buffer, scheduling 2x per day for 30 days

    I felt that if I were to post more often (and more strategically) to my Twitter profile, then I would see increased traffic from Twitter in Google Analytics because I’d be reaching more people with my content. And so I began, starting with 20 of my published blog posts from my site’s archives. I opened a Word document, and for each blog post, I wrote three unique tweets to promote it.

    For example, for my post on strengthening your copywriting, I wrote the following three tweets:

    • Tweet 1: 9 action-packed words to punch up your #writing (link)
    • Tweet 2: How heavy hitting copywriting can take your #marketing from good to great (link)
    • Tweet 3: Are you using these 9 powerful words in your #marketing copy? (link)

    And here’s how those posts ended up looking on Twitter, once they were published.


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