How to get 100 to 10,000 visits in a month

    How to improve website traffic

    My Website is about 8 years old but I have ignored it as it doesn’t get any traffic in the beginning. Since then I left it untouched and just renew it.

    Before I go ahead and discuss a few points which caused this massive hike in organic traffic, I want to tell that the main keyword has Search Volume of 80,000/month and a huge number of heavily searched related keywords/Secondary keywords had to be targeted as well

    Here we go!

    We have done few on-page activities in which most important factors have been shared

    Implementing AMP:  As per the Google’s recent announcement that page speed will become a mobile ranking factor. So implementing AMP will boost ranking and traffic. The fact is that for most sites, mobile pages built with AMP are likely to outperform existing mobile pages in terms of speed.

    Implementing Schema:  One of the latest evolutions in SEO is schema markup. When a website have schema markup in place, users can see in the SERP’s what a website is all about, where they are, what they do, how much stuff costs, plus plenty of other stuff. Some people have taken to calling schema markup “your virtual business card.” Doing so, it will put you ahead of your competitors. Where customers tend to click your website.

    The other onpage activities will be usually performed by all SEO experts.

    For off page:

    People frequently use Off-page SEO techniques for successful link building purpose that could add a lot of back links for ranking their websites. Some Off-page methods work but most of them sadly fail. There is more Off-page Optimization techniques exist. But I have used the best Off-page strategy which works.

    Blogging: I have used unique and Quality content in my blog and shared it to different social sites. Which makes Google to crawl our links and bring our site in top search results. Without making more efforts few keywords which ranked in 1st page which has more search volume.

    You can follow my activities to gain massive traffic in shorter period.




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