10 Signs Your Digital Marketing Strategies need to be amplified

    Not witnessing a rise in your engagement? Not able to climb up the Google searches? 

    Probably the surest signs that your digital marketing is falling flat is if you’re not seeing the outcomes you need from your marketing campaigns.

    The truth is, you may not know whether your marketing is effective if you don’t know what metrics to track or how to track them.

    Check out my list of signs your Digital Marketing strategies need to be relooked at. 

    Your ROI curve is going downhill! 

    Seeing visible results from your marketing efforts should be prioritized, but are you getting the best possible return on your investment (ROI)?

    First and foremost, you should be able to acquire the maximum number of customers or clients for the lowest cost possible, as spending too much might not be a viable option in the beginning stages

    You’ll be able to decide your actual ROI by comparing the outcomes across channels and campaigns, seeing which methods fit you best. 

    Metrics like Total Conversion Value and Total Cost of Advertising should be primarily focused on if you want to pump up those numbers!

    Your Social Campaigns Are Falling Flat

    Every social media platform has its unique analytics or at least its own performance metrics/KPI (Key Performance Indicators). Likes, comments, social shares, and clicks are the indicators of traction.

    If you’re posting social media content without a strategy and waiting for a result, you are shooting arrows in the dark. Whether you’re investing your own time or have hired an agency to post on your behalf, an investment should be yielding money at the end of the day!

     Your social media posts falling flat is surely an indication that your marketing strategy needs to be relooked at.

    For example, we need a specific strategy for Facebook

    Facebook separate their goals into three parts of the funnel:

    · Awareness stage.

    · Consideration stage.

    · Conversion stage.

    Focus on these elements when it comes to ramping up your leads and generating revenue. 

    You’re Seeing Traffic But No Conversions

    Traffic generation is only one part of the equation when it comes to running successful marketing campaigns.

    You could be attracting thousands of website visitors every week, but if they aren’t converting into paying clients or customers, you won’t see the ROI you expect. People leave your shopping cart empty and as an E-commerce business, is a red flag!

    Be it a self-run marketing strategy or using a digital marketing agency, you’ll want to be sure that your marketing strategy is translating into conversions, not just website visits.

    This means using analytics tools like Google Analytics to track conversions on your website, connecting them to the right channel, and determining ROI on each one of your campaigns.

    For example, many businesses invest in search engine optimization (SEO) to drive organic traffic to their website, but this is not the end goal.

    You’ll want that traffic to be highly targeted so that the website visitors are interested in your offers, subscribe to your newsletter, buy your products or get your services.

    If You’re seeing less or no traffic at all

    If you’re seeing little to no traffic at all, that is a setback. No traffic means your marketing efforts aren’t working to drive users to your website or social media platforms.

    Most platforms have a unique algorithm that depicts what content gets shown to the users. 

    For Facebook, brands leaning on organic reach to get noticed by potential customers.

    When it comes to Google, optimizing your website so it gets displayed to users in the organic search results. If you’re seeing little traffic from your primary marketing channels, this is a clear sign that your marketing needs a fix.

    The right marketing strategies and digital marketing service providers – will help you take work your way through complex algorithms and drive more traffic to your business via appropriate channels.

    The Returns on Your Paid Ads Are Appalling

    Pay-per-click (PPC) ads can be a great way to help you garner leads faster but if used in the wrong way, can put a dent in your marketing budget.

    Many brands end up seeing poor output from their paid ads because the targeting is off, users aren’t converting, or the cost per click (CPC) is set too high. The sweet spot is finding the appropriate budget to assign to these channels!

    The key to effective paid campaigns is targeting the right audience with the right content.

    Whether you’re running Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or others, you want your campaigns to be narrowed down on your ideal audience and displaying content that’s relevant to them and them only.

    That means testing Campaigns, ad groups, ad copy, keywords, targeting, and more to get the lowest CPC possible and maximize your ROI.

    Your Campaigns Are Usually Put Together Last Minute

    It is ok to throw marketing campaigns together at the last minute sometimes, but if that is your go-to strategy, you need to adopt a different approach!

    Effective marketing campaigns take time to put together, especially since you should be analyzing your competitors, tweak your ads, which is a tedious yet fruitful process in the end!

    If you want your digital marketing to be strong, then you should be proactive in planning your campaigns!

    This means taking the necessary steps to set up your digital campaigns, like conducting keyword research, setting your ad targeting, hiring copywriters, and more.

    Imagine the relief of having your campaigns set up in advance, without the hassle of throwing them together at the last minute.

    How much more effective would your marketing be if you had a clear plan of action from the beginning?

    Your Website Is Being Buried in the Search Results

     People use search engines like Google to find brands, services, products, and information every day. They find businesses nearby their radius and it helps businesses get better exposure.

    If your audience is using Google to find your business and it isn’t listed on it,  you’re likely missing out on tons of potential customers.

    Some websites will rank normally but many will not. This is because the competition is likely investing in their own SEO activities in order to rise to the top of the search results.

    To uncover yourself out of the bottom of the search results, you should have proper SEO strategy.

    This involves optimizing your website for search, publishing high-quality content, targeting the right keywords, and attracting valuable backlinks to your site.

    Don’t leave your Google rankings up to chance – make sure you have a solid SEO strategy that will eventually bring your website to the top.

    You Don’t Know How to Analyze Performance on Your Marketing Campaigns

    But what if you have no clue how to measure results?

    If that’s the case, then your approach to marketing may need a revamp as well.

    It isn’t sufficient to run a campaign and have a vague idea of how many leads or customers you’re generating as a result. With this approach, you won’t have the information you need to determine your cost per acquisition or how much revenue you’re producing as a result.

    For every marketing platform you use, ensure you have google analytics set up to track key performance indicators (KPIs) for each of your campaigns.

    These KPIs should be based on which metrics you’ll look to in order to measure your success.

    · For SEO, this may be page views, Avg visit duration bounce rate, or conversions.

    · For social, this may be likes, comments, shares, or clicks to websites.

    · For ads, this may be the clicks, impressions, CPC, or click-through rate.

    Setting up these KPIs and knowing how to analyze them will help you assess whether your campaigns are actually yielding the results you want and whether you’re maximizing your ROI. 

    You Don’t Have a Durable Marketing Strategy

    If you’re depending on a single marketing channel, you’re basically putting all of your eggs in one basket.

    If that marketing channel dries up, you risk losing out on leads and customers.

    At the same time, if your marketing strategy is unorganized, you’re likely to experience gaps in your marketing.

    This may result in missing out on potential enquiries, having prospects drop off during your sales cycle, or communicating ineffectively.

    Your goal should be to have a strong, multichannel marketing strategy that reaches potential customers across multiple funnels. That way, your brand value is conveyed effectively across every channel and you have multiple opportunities to attract customers. What’s more? you can be confident that your marketing campaigns are all working together to attract your ideal customers to you.

    Last but not the least, trust the process!

    Brands are adopting Digital Marketing and seeing a rise in their profit if they keep on tweaking or experimenting their approach in the long run. Persistence and patience go a long way in achieving the results you expect, so trust the process and keep experimenting! 

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